Pipo And Cher CD-ROM 普普和喜儿

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  • Pipo And Cher CD-ROM 普普和喜儿

Pipo And Cher CD-ROM 普普和喜儿

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PLEASE NOTE: This interactive CD-ROM is compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8 and MAC OS 10.6 Snow Leopard or older. Not compatible on MAC Lion and above. Sales on discounted CD-ROMs are non-returnable.

Pipo and Cher are two cute elephants that live and play together. This CD-ROM follows their adventures and is divided into eight animated vignettes. Pipo and Cher will enliven the hearts of beginner-level students who will grow to love the characters as well as the Chinese language. 

Here's an example of the first animated story in the Pipo and Cher CD_ROM series. Each story is subtitled in Simplified Chinese. The option of switching to Traditional Chinese subtitles or adding in English is also available on each CD-ROM.

 Tracks Information: 
 1. Pipo and Cher 普普与喜儿 / 普普與喜兒 
 2. Fried Rice 蛋炒饭 / 蛋炒飯 
 3. Friends 好朋友 / 好朋友
 4. Slippers 拖鞋 / 拖鞋
 5. The Washing Machine 洗衣机 / 洗衣機
 6. Writing Stories 写故事 / 寫故事 
 7. Making Wishes 许愿 / 許願
 8. Yoga 瑜伽 / 瑜伽
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