Chinese Fable Stories (Volume 1) CD-ROM 寓言故事-1

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  • Chinese Fable Stories (Volume 1) CD-ROM 寓言故事-1

Chinese Fable Stories (Volume 1) CD-ROM 寓言故事-1

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PLEASE NOTE: This interactive CD-ROM is compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8 and MAC OS 10.6 Snow Leopard or older. Not compatible on MAC Lion and above. Sales on discounted CD-ROMs are non-returnable.

Fable Stories includes twelve tales suitable for intermediate-level Chinese learners. Simple yet engaging, these stories will entertain and instruct students as they learn more about the Chinese language. 

Here's an example of the first animated story in the Chinese Fables series. Each story is subtitled in Simplified/Traditional Chinese and English.

Tracks Information: 
 1. The Turtle and the Rabbit 龟兔赛跑 / 龜兔賽跑
 2. The Donkey and the Wolf 驴子和狼 / 驢子和狼
 3. The Horse and the Groom 马和马夫 / 馬和馬伕
 4. The Fox and the Cicada 狐狸和蝉 / 狐狸和蟬
 5. The Mole and His Mother 鼹鼠和他的妈妈 / 鼴鼠和他的媽媽
 6. The Scorpion and the Turtle 蝎子和乌龟 / 蠍子和烏龜 
 7. The Dog and the Bone 狗和骨头 / 狗和骨頭
 8. The Fox and the Crane 狐狸和鹤 / 狐狸和鶴 
 9. The Monkey that Wore Gloves 猴子戴手套 / 猴子戴手套
 10. The Thirsty Ant 口渴的蚂蚁 / 口渴的螞蟻
 11. The Fox and the Goat 狐狸和山羊 / 狐狸和山羊
 12. The Wolf in The Clothing of Sheep 披着羊皮的狼 / 披著羊皮的狼
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