Magical Tour of China

Magical Tour of China series is for the intermediate young adult learner with SAT2 level proficiency. The goal is for them to continue building an enduring understanding of the language and culture as well as to achieve AP level proficiency.

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Magical Tour of China is designed for middle to high school students at the intermediate to advanced level. The spiral-up approach allows students to review past lessons as they advance through the volumes in the series! (Students who have completed the My First Chinese Reader series or the Discovering Chinese series can smoothly transition into Magical Tour of China.)
For daily lessons/sessions (1-hour per session): Educators are recommended to teach 1 lesson per school week. Each volume contains 9 lessons. We recommend middle school students to complete each volume in 1 academic year (approximately 32 weeks) with teachers supplementing additional cultural and extracurricular learning, such as Chinese Festivals, Chinese Yo-Yo, Chinese Hockey Sack, etc. For high school students, we recommend students to complete each volume in 1 academic semester with additional cultural activities and learning.
For fewer than 2 weekly sessions: In learning environments in which students have 2 or less sessions per week, teachers are recommended to complete 1 lesson in 2-3 weeks with additional cultural activities and learning. This series is recommended for 1 to 2+ academic years depending on learning objectives and goals.

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