Today’s World: Select Readings of Spotlight News ( I ) - Textbook and Workbook Set

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Today's World is an ACTFL-aligned and theme-based curriculum aimed at helping intermediate learners reach the advanced level in Chinese proficiency.

The curriculum covers more than 800 new vocabulary words and includes two textbooks and  two workbooks; each volume has eight chapters. The texts are mainly from contemporary news sources and cover hot-button topics like reality shows, smog, gun control, MOOC etc. Not only do they cover the critical issues within China and US, but they also incorporate various perspectives and highlight the diversity and complexities of the issues which helps engage learners in active discussions and develop their analytical and critical thinking. 


王  颖:美国麻省曼荷莲学院(Mount Holyoke College)亚洲研究系教授;

王志军:美国麻省大学阿默斯特分校(University of Massachusetts Amherst)中文项目部主任;

徐丽莎:美国麻省曼荷莲学院(Mount Holyoke College)讲师


Item Code: BK001671
ISBN Code: 978-1-68194-006-9
Authors: 王颖, 王志军, 徐丽莎
Publisher: Better Chinese
School Grade: College
Level: Intermediate