Homeschooler's Starter Kit Plus

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  • Homeschooler's Starter Kit Plus

Homeschooler's Starter Kit Plus

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One step beyond the Starter Kit, the Homeschooler's Starter Kit Plus includes additional exercise books, multimedia and stories to encourage language and cultural immersion. When learning with the Starter Kit Plus! Homeschoolers not only open a new door to the Chinese culture but have the opportunity to make connections between the cultures of the East and the West with stories and songs.

The Homeschooler's Starter Kit Plus includes:
My First Chinese Words 36 Books with Audio CD
I Love Chinese 12 Storybooks
My First Chinese Words Workbook Set (A+B) 
My First Chinese Words Teacher's Guide 2009 ed (English) 
Sing With Better Chinese Audio CD Set (1-4) 
My First Chinese Flash Cards 
Chinese Festivals CD-ROM 
Better Chinese Stickers 1 
ONLINE: AI Story Time, per 12 months
ONLINE: My First Chinese Words, books 01-36 per 6 months


My First Chinese Words Series:
Textbook   Workbook Set (A+B)   Online Subscription   CD-ROM  

Material for teaching and additional exercises:
Teacher's Guide  Activity & Writing Sheets  Big Book Edition

For homeschooling use: My First Chinese Words Starter Kit

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Item Code: PM000115
Publisher: Better Chinese
School Grade: Preshool/Elementary
Level: Beginner



Item Code: PM000117
ISBN Code: 978-1-60603-072-1
Publisher: Better Chinese
School Grade: Preschool/Elementary
Level: Beginner

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