Chinese Festivals CD-ROM 中国节庆

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  • Chinese Festivals    CD-ROM 中国节庆

Chinese Festivals CD-ROM 中国节庆

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PLEASE NOTE: This interactive CD-ROM is compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8 and MAC OS 10.6 Snow Leopard or older. Not compatible on MAC Lion and above. Sales on discounted CD-ROMs are non-returnable.

Chinese Festivals CD-ROM features 16 bilingual animated stories and a complimentary additional children's song that a great way to learn about the stories and traditions behind the five biggest Chinese festivals while practicing Chinese.

Here's an example of one of the stories in the series - Spring Festival - Spring Scolls (春联)which talks about the meaning behind the scrolls found during Chinese New Year. The sample story is subtitled in Simplified Chinese and English. Traditional Chinese subtitles are also available on each CD-ROM.

The stories includes in the Festivals series are:
  • 1. Chinese Lunar Calendar 中国的农历 / 中國的農歷
  • 2. La Ba Porridge 腊八粥/ 臘八粥
  • 3. Seeing Off the Kitchen God 送灶王爷/ 送灶王爺
  • 4. The Custom of sweeping the Dust 扫尘的习俗/ 掃塵的習俗
  • 5. Spring Scrolls 门神春联/ 門神春聯
  • 6. Happiness has Arrived 倒贴福字/ 倒貼福字
  • 7. The Story of Nian 年的来历/ 年的來歷
  • 8. New Year's Greetings 拜年/ 拜年
  • 9. Spring Festival- Food 春节饮食/ 春節飲食
  • 10. Lantern Festival 元宵节赏灯/ 元宵節賞燈
  • 11. The Story of Dragon Boat Festival 端午节的故事/ 端午節的故事
  • 12. Niulang and Zhinue 牛郎和织女/ 牛郎和織女
  • 13. The Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节/ 中秋節
  • 14. Customs Under the Moon 月下习俗/ 月下習俗
  • 15. The Story of Mid-Autumn 中秋故事/ 中秋故事
  • 16. The Legend of the Moon 月亮的传说/ 月亮的傳說
  • 17. Children's Song: Best Wishes 儿歌:恭喜你/ 兒歌:恭喜你

These stories are also available on the >Chinese Festivals Online Subscription
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