Storybook Club: 好奇的乔治—去海边 (Curious George Goes to the Beach)

Story of the week: Curious George DaDa! Welcome to our second blog post for the story of the week! This week's story is Curious George - Goes to the Beach (Chinese version).   Can’t read Chinese characters, but know pinyin? Click here to download the full text with Pinyin.   Want to listen to the recording when reading the book? Click Here to download the MP3. Narrated by: Amy(Ruoran) Liu, Tete Xu and Xin Dong   Want to get your own copy? Click here to add this book to your personal collection. Feel free to leave your comments below and let us know what other stories you would like to see in our blog! Tune in next week for Mom, let's buy some green beans! (妈妈,买绿豆!) 


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