Storybook Club: 棕色的熊、棕色的熊,你在看什么?

综色的熊,棕色的熊,你在看什么? At Better Chinese, our company tagline is "Learning Chinese Through Stories" because we LOVE books! Two years ago, we started carrying a select number of storybooks. Due to all the positive response, we are kicking off our Chinese Storybook Club focused on Children's Storybooks in Chinese. Each Wednesday, we will feature a Story of the Week from China or an award-winning work translated into Chinese from various parts of the world spanning from the United States all the way to Europe. Each post will include a read along audio version as well as a video for parents who haven't mastered their four tones. We also have a handy pinyin guide in case you want to practice reading all those Chinese characters. Drumroll please..... Today, we bring you Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See (Chinese version).     Can't read Chinese characters, but know pinyin? Click here to download the full text with Pinyin. Click here to download the full text of the story.   Want to listen to the recording when reading the book? Click Here to download the MP3. Narrated by: Amy(Ruoran) Liu Want to get your own copy? Click here to add this book to your personal collection. Since this is the first of Storybooks of the Week, please let us know what you think and how we can make this better. Feel free to leave your comments below. Tune in next week for Curious George-Goes to the Beach (好奇的乔治-去海边).


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