Public Schools Offering Course Credits for Outside Chinese Classes

Lately, one of the most discussed topics in the education industry is the issue of budget cuts and limited financial resources. As involved and active members of the Chinese education community, the staff at Better Chinese have heard from many teachers and administrators who are worried about the future of their schools' ongoing and/or developing programs. I came upon this interesting article from Northern California's Pleasanton Unified School District today. Read the article here. Due to budget limitations, the public high schools in Pleasanton, CA are working with the weekend Chinese schools in the area to offer high school course credits for students who are taking Chinese classes on Sundays (both heritage and non-heritage classes). Each one-year Chinese class in the Sunday Chinese school is equivalent to a one-year course in the public school system. Right away, I was excited to share this news with the Chinese education community. Finally we are seeing active collaboration between the public school system and the Chinese school system! Pleasanton USD recognized that there are classes that the district cannot afford to offer, but why should that stop educators from offering the course credits that their students may deserve? Not only does this effort allow students to continue their Chinese language education, it will continue to uphold the curriculum and teaching quality in Chinese schools. How will your schools continue your Chinese programs in the coming years?


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