Mandarin Immersion Program Thrives with Supportive Parents

This is San Francisco Unified School District's second year using Better Chinese curriculum in their classrooms, and to increase the amount of online usage from home, the district invited us on 1/23 to give an online demonstration to the parents of Starr King Elementary School and Jose Ortega Elementary School. I was pleasantly surprised to see around 30-40 parents show up for this meeting! It was really great to see so many parents who are supportive of the Mandarin immersion program and are dedicated to ensuring that their children's schools will continue to grown and expand this program in the coming years. Read a heartfelt story from a Starr King parent. At the meeting, the attentive parents asked questions, raised concerns and indicated what are the things that are important to them. Not only was it helpful for us to hear exactly what parents are looking for, it reaffirmed our belief that in these challenging economic times, education is key and that only with strong parental support can foreign language programs continue to grow and flourish.


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