Homeschool Chinese: Fire - Friend or Foe?

chinese story about fire As I described in an earlier post, Homeschool Chinese: Vocabulary Homework, Meili had been working with the story, Fire – Friend or Foe? / 火-朋友还是敌人 (part of a story bundle from Better Chinese called  Nature – My First Chinese Stories) for a couple of weeks. There were numerous activities to ensure she was comfortable with the vocabulary.  Once she was familiar with all the characters and understood the meaning, she began to work on her reading fluency. Knowing they would create a video (as posted below), she worked daily to improve her pronunciation and tones.  For homework, Laoshi would ask that she read it through several times with the recorded audio CD that came with the bundle, stopping frequently to repeat carefully.  When she felt ready, she recorded herself reading it aloud and sent the audio file to him via Edmodo or email.  In class, he would review with her the words or phrases that gave her trouble and ask that she continue to practice.  In time, she was able to read the entire book.  This video is the end result of her work and continual practice.


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