Brentwood's remake of Gangnam Style: American Style and in Chinese

[caption id="attachment_2176" align="aligncenter" width="533"]gangnam style - chinese Gangnam American Style in Chinese[/caption] Growing up, my Chinese class was less than exciting. As a result, I dropped out quickly and failed to become literate in Chinese. After working at Better Chinese, I have been floored by the ideas and projects Chinese teachers have for their Chinese language classrooms. Whether it's having Jay Chou playing in the background before the bell rings or having students call and leave phone messages in Chinese, I love knowing and sharing what other teachers are doing in the classroom. Here's what one of a dear teachers recently sent me. It made me laugh out loud. Enjoy! Hilda Leung, the Mandarin teacher at Brentwood School had her 8th graders recently rewrite the lyrics to Gangnam Style based on our grand ol' United States of America. The vocabulary is mostly from Discovering Chinese Volume 1 and 2. To see the English translation, just click on the "more info" link below the video browser on the youtube page. Here are the Chinese lyrics if you want to give your students a Chinese translation exercise. Gangnam American Style in Chinese 美国加州 洛杉矶有最好的天气 我 不在纽约 不在北京 我住在洛杉矶 我知道 Brent木(Brentwood) Style 好像最好玩的舞蹈 中文同学 常说很好 我们是美国 我们看很多电视很多电影吃很多 我们的橄榄球和篮球比赛真不错 喜欢运动可是更喜欢在沙发上坐 我们是美国 我最喜欢 的车是红色的跑车-Hey 我到处开-Hey 我的车最快 我每天都开 大家都hey 想要我的hey 又酷又大又快又贵的红跑车e-e-e-e-e-e 我是美国人, 美国人 我我我我 我是美国人 美国人 我我我我 我是美国人 Hey--- 漂亮姑娘 我我我我 我是美国人 Hey--- 漂亮姑娘 我我我我 eh eh eh eh eh eh 我 们 最爱的蔬菜是比萨和薯条 有时候吃包子和饺子,也吃中国面条 可是我们都不喜欢吃很多的鱼和鸟 我们都上brent木学校 美国喜欢吃 美国有很多汉堡,汉堡真的很好吃 我们很胖因为我们感恩节喜欢吃 可是学校有不好的饭我不喜欢吃 美国喜欢吃 请问你有 什么小动物 有胖狗ey 难看的猫ey 他穿又漂亮又贵的衣服 一百块 ey 手包里有狗ey 他们可爱ai-ai-ai-ai-ai-ai-ai-ai-ai-ai-ai-ai-ai-ai-ai-ai-ai-ai-ai-ai Chorus Hey, 漂亮姑娘 我我我我,我是美国人 Repeat 很难看,他的衣服难看 鞋子鞋子,鲜粉红色,真的很难看 很好看,他的衣服好看 帽子帽子,他戴帽子,真的很难看 Chorus Gangnam American Style in Chinese rocks!!! Let me know if you have any ideas from your classroom to share.


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