Online Stories: Journey to the West

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Journey to the West is one of the four great classical novels of Chinese literature. The main character, Sun Wu Kong (the Monkey King) is one of the most popular mythical figures in Chinese culture. This Journey to the West series includes 24 newly produced stories, which are suitable for students with a basic foundation in Chinese.ξ

Here's a preview of one of the stories in simplified Chinese. English subtitles and traditional Chinese are also available.ξ

The lively animation and straightforward language makes this series a fun and effective tool for improving Chinese language skills and exposing students to Chinese culture.ξ

1. Monkey King
2. Obtaining the Golden Cudgel
3. Havoc in the Heavenly Temple (Part 1)
4. Havoc in the Heavenly Temple (Part 2)
5. Monk Tang Receives His Disciples (Part 1)
6.Monk Tang Receives His Disciples (Part 2)
7. Ginseng Fruits
8. The 3 Disciples Fight the White Bone Dragon