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Better Chinese Story Libraryξ
ξOur story library is a compilation of level appropriate stories for students learning Mandarin to better establish cultural connection and comparison. These vividly illustrated animated stories are perfect companion with our curricular series. Teachers will find the Story Library as a great teaching tool. With our school license, each student can access to the library with teacher assigning stories to read/view. Please contact us for school license. (30 Day Money Back Guarantee)ξ

ξAudio: Mandarinξ
ξText: Traditional & Simplified Chineseξ
ξSubtitles: Englishξ

The Beginner Story Library contains 360+ stories in the following categories:ξ

ξChinese Cultureξ
Without understanding the culture behind a language, students do not fully appreciate and learn language at all. Learning the culture behind a language can help students learn the language easily and quickly. Here are Chinese Idioms, Early Readers, How I Grew Up, and more that help students learn both Chinese language and culture.ξ

ξWestern Cultureξ
Only after learning both Chinese culture and Western culture can students make cultural comparisons and communicate in a larger community context. Making connections between the similarities and differences between different cultures will engage students in furthering their language skills. From Greek Mythologies to Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves to Peter Pan, Western stories can be found here told in Mandarin Chinese.ξ

ξLiteracy Builderξ
Stories in this section help students build a clearer concept of the language itself and begin to use it in real-life situations. Stories on Fable Stories, Good Morning, Hong Kong, Happy Go Lucky, How I Grew Up, and more help students begin to speak Chinese more fluently in many different contexts.ξ

ξNew Creationsξ
These are wonderful and fantastic stories ranging across many different topics. Students will love these imaginative stories and have much fun while learning Chinese. Stories include Better Chinese favorites such as The Adventures of Benny Mouse, Chicken-Feather Duck Family, Dragon Series, Fire Fox Family, and more!ξ
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