Online Stories: Chinese Idioms and Proverbs Volume 2

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Chinese Idioms makes it easy for kids to learn Chinese proverbs, by telling the story behind the sayings. Children will learn Chinese idioms naturally and easily, just as they would in a native speaking environment.ξ

Here's an example of the story "Looking at the Sky from the Bottom of a Well Ν?__´?_‰Î_©/ Ν?__´?_óÎ_©" from the Chinese Idioms Volume 1 series. Each story is subtitled in Simplified/Traditional Chinese and English.

Tracks Information:
1. Waiting for the Hare by the Stump
2. The Broken Mirror is Round Again
3. Persist to the End
4. Pulling the Seedlings Up to Let Them Go
5. Blind Men Touch Elephant
6. Swallow the Dates Whole
7. Building a Carriage Behind Closed Doors
8. Stupid Cat Cuts His Paw to Fit the Shoe
9. Luring the Tiger out of the Mountains
10. Wolves Work Together
11. Falling Behind Sun Shan
12. The Guizhou Donkey Runs Out of Tricks
13. Rocks Emerge When the Water Subsides
14. After the Sheep Died and the Fence was Repaired
15. The Spring Snow
16. Issue Forth a Cry to Shake the World