Online Stories: Chinese Idioms and Proverbs Volume 1

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Chinese Idioms makes it easy for kids to learn Chinese proverbs, by telling the story behind the sayings. Children will learn 16 Chinese idioms naturally and easily, just as they would in a native speaking environment.ξ

Here's an example of the story "Looking at the Sky from the Bottom of a Well Ν?__´?_‰Î_©/ Ν?__´?_óÎ_©" from the Chinese Idioms series. Each story is subtitled in Simplified/Traditional Chinese and English.

Tracks Information:
1. Contradicting Oneself ?ˆȍ_Ÿ?ô_?__/ ?ˆȍ_Ÿ?ô_?__
2. The old Horse Knows the Way ?ó?_©叿Ê_óî/ ?ó?__å?_Ö_óî
3. Calling a Stag a Horse _ëˆ__Ë_Ÿ__©å/ _ëˆ__ˍ‰___å
4. Looking at the Sky from the Bottom of a Well Ν?__´?_‰Î_©/ Ν?__´?_óÎ_©
5. Borrowing on the Tiger's Fierceness ?†?΁ˆ?»_Î?/ ?†?΁ˆ?»_Î?
6. One Arrow Kills Two Vultures _Ÿó?¬_Ώë__´/ _Ÿó?¬___»__´
7. Nick the Boat to Seek the Sword Κ鏚ô_±‰Ίï / Κ鏚ô_±‰Î_?
8. The Constant Drip of Water Can wear a Hole in the Stone _ÁÇ_éǍô_?©Ë/ _ÁÇ_éǍô_?©Ë 9. Drawing a Cake to satisfy Hunger ?îé_«_΃ƒ_««/ ?´‚__ƒ΃ƒ_«ï
10. Blow Hot and Cold _ì?_ŸŠ__¬Î__/ _ì?_ŸŠ__¬Î__
11. Gentleman on the Beam _¢?_Ÿ_ΐ_Î_?/ _¢?_Ÿ_ΐ_Î_?
12. Wielding and Ax in front of Luban ??__„ÂÎ_‹___/ ??___óÎ_‹___
13. Playing the String to an Ox ο_?Š_Î__??Ç/ ÎÁ??Š_Î_š??Ç
14. Castle in the Air ?©__Ÿ__«__ց/ ?©__Ÿ__Âñ__£
15. Throw a Brick to Catch Jade ___?æ_Î_´?_Š/ _††?£_Î_´?_Š
16. Serves You Right ?ˆÈ__쏈ÈΏ„/ ?ˆÈ__쏈ÈΏ„