Storybook Library Starter Pack (Intermediate)

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The Storybook Library Starter Pack (Intermediate Level) is a collection of 248 hand-selected books for children who are moving into the next stage of the Chinese language. They now have a larger base of vocabulary words and can begin to delve into more interesting stories. The books in this collection are leveled for students who are studying My First Chinese Reader Volumes 3 and 4 or recognize about 500 Chinese characters.

This package includes books in Simplified Chinese that cover themes such as art, nature, science, transportation, family and friendships. There are also over 100 original Chinese storybooks such as The Magic Brush. Beautifully translated Western books include National Geographic, Click, Clack, Moo, and the Curious George series.
Here is a sample of books from this 65 book set:

To get a full list of the 248 books in the Storybook Library Starter Kit (Intermediate Level) collection, please email us at usa (at) betterchinese (dot) com.


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Language: Simplified Chinese