My First Chinese Reader Starter Kit

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Adopted by several U.S. Departments of Education, the My First Chinese Reader is designed for beginner level Elementary school students. High-quality situational illustrations and online lessons make learning fun and effective, while the review of previously-learned material, both within volumes and between series, ensures long-term language retention. 

The Kit includes: 
My First Chinese Reader Textbook
My First Chinese Reader Workbook Set
My First Chinese Reader Online (6-months subscription) 
My First Chinese Reader Volume 1-4 MP3 (1-year subscription)

Volume 1 Chapters covered within this Kit: 
1. Hello!  你好!
2. What Is Your Name?  你叫什么名字?
3. How Old Are You?  你几岁?
4. What Is Your Nationality?  你是哪国人?
5. I Go To Dahua Elementary School  我上大华小学
6. I Love My Family  我爱我的家
7. Where Do You Live?  你住在哪里?
8. What Date Is Today?  今天是几月几日?
9. What Day Is It Today?  今天是星期几?
10. What Is in The Backpack?  书包里有什么?
11. I Like Fruits?  我喜欢吃水果
12. What Do You Want To Eat?  你想吃什么?

Material for teaching and additional exercises:
Teacher's Guide   Worksheets & Writing Exercises   Assessment Pack