Modern Chinese Textbook 1B - PAPERBACK 现代中文课本1B 纸本

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  • Modern Chinese Textbook 1B - PAPERBACK 现代中文课本1B 纸本

Modern Chinese Textbook 1B - PAPERBACK 现代中文课本1B 纸本

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Modern Chinese is a beginner Chinese language textbook designed for college students and adult learners with no previous exposure to Chinese.This unique program adopts a story-based approach that follows the lives of six college students whose multi-cultural backgrounds reflect today's globalized world. The themes are designed to provide students with the vocabulary and context to engage and communicate in real life conversations quickly. Each lesson comes with clear and practical grammar instructions presented in an accessible format.

Each textbook includes complimentary access to lesson audios, lesson animations and additional resources such as an interactive pinyin table which was specially designed for the second edition. Other new features in the second edition are the introduction of 儿话 in the lessons and alternative ways to communicate in the vocabulary section.

> Download the Modern Chinese sampler. The sampler contains the scope and sequence for the entire 2-volume series and 4 sample lessons (Volume 1, Unit 4: Food and Volume 2, Unit 1: Weather)

Please: fill-out an examination request form to receive your complimentary examination copy. This offer is only for school customers reviewing the series for the first time.**

Modern Chinese:
Workbook | Teacher's Guide

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Item Code: BK000803M
ISBN Code: 978-1-60603-578-8
Publisher: Better Chinese
School Grade: College
Level: Beginner


Modern Chinese Textbook 1B includes the following themes:

Unit 9 衣 Fashion
Lesson 1: 买衣服 Shopping for Clothes
Lesson 2: 你喜欢什么颜色?What Colors Do You Like?

Unit 10 娱 Hobbies & Activities
Lesson 1: 星期六的活动 Plans for Saturday
Lesson 2: 在音乐会 At a Concert

Unit 11 情 Relationships & People
Lesson 1: 约会 A Date
Lesson 2: 分手 A Breakup

Unit 12 医 Medicine
Lesson 1: 生病了 Getting Sick
Lesson 2: 看病 At the Doctor’s

Unit 13 商 Business
Lesson 1: 打工 Part-Time Job
Lesson 2: 去中国实习 Internship in China

Unit 14 节 Festivals
Lesson 1: 新年快乐!Happy Chinese New Year!
Lesson 2: 中国和西方节日 Chinese and Western Holidays

Unit 15 礼 Chinese Ways
Lesson 1: 有礼貌 Being Respectful
Lesson 2: 了解中国文化 Understanding Chinese Culture

Unit 16 @ Technology & Modern China
Lesson 1: 线上聊天 Chatting Online
Lesson 2: 一路顺风! Have a Safe Trip!




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