Celebrating Chinese Festival DVD

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This "Celebrating Chinese Festivals" DVD introduces various Chinese festivals through captivating songs and upbeat Chinese rhythmic rap. These animated vignettes vividly capture Chinese language and culture and are perfect for beginning Chinese learner to enjoy. 

  Track information:
1. New Year greeting – 拜年
2. Story of the Mouse Bride – 老鼠娶新娘
3. Enjoying Colored Lanterns – 赏花灯
4. Delicious Zong-Zi – 粽子香
5. The Round Moon – 月儿圆圆
6. The Legend of the Moon – 月亮的传说
7. Laba Porridge is Delicious! – 腊八粥真好喝!
8. The Letter from the Kitchen God – 灶王爷的信
9. Dragon Boat Racing – 赛龙舟
10. Chinese Festivals - 中国的节日

Here's an example of an online story - Dragon Boat Racing