Chinese Fairy Tales CD-ROM

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Chinese Fairy Tales is a collection of 12 stories with the basic Chinese language fundamentals that are attractive for young learners. The tales are fun and engaging – students will not even realize they are learning Chinese!

Tracks Information:
1. Marking the Apple 不好意思 / 不好意思
2. The Pea Soldiers Go to Battle 豆豆兵去打仗 / 豆豆兵去打仗
 3. Dodo Duck Planet 嘟嘟鸭星球 / 嘟嘟鴨星球
 4. Dew Necklace 露珠项链 / 露珠項鏈
 5. Buy A Dream 买梦 / 買夢
 6. Little Tiger King Wang Wang 山里来的小老虎 / 山里来的小老虎
 7. Shoes on the Tree 树上的鞋子 / 樹上的鞋子
 8. Leaf Birds 树叶鸟 / 樹葉鳥
 9. The Net of Spider 蜘蛛的网 / 蜘蛛的網
 10. Three Careless People 三个马大哈 / 三個馬大哈
 11. The Cat and the Mouse 猫和老鼠 / 貓和老鼠
 12. The Fat Kid and the Skinny Dog 胖胖娃和瘦瘦狗 / 胖胖娃和瘦瘦狗