Chinese Proverbs and Sayings CD-ROM

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Chinese Proverbs & Sayings features 18 stories that describe the origins of twelve commonly-used Chinese proverbs and sayings. Here's an example of the first animated story in the Chinese Fables series. Each story is subtitled in Simplified/Traditional Chinese and English.

Track Information:
1. A Showy Structure 花架子 / 花架子
2. Pat the Horse’s Behind 拍马屁 / 拍馬屁
3. Seeing Once Is Better Than Hearing A Hundred Times 百闻不如一见 /百聞不如一見
4. Utmost Sincerity Can Pierce Even Metal and Stone 精诚所至,金石为开 / 精誠所至,金石為開
5. It Is Ridiculous For An Ant To Try To Topple A Giant Tree 蚍蜉撼大树可笑不自量 / 蚍蜉撼大樹可笑不自量
6. A Two-Faced Character 两面派 / 兩面派
7. A Goose Feather Sent From Thousands of Miles Away 千里送鹅毛 /千里送鵝毛
8. 50 Steps Laughing At 100 Steps 五十步笑百步 / 五十步笑百步
9. To Catch The Tiger Cub One Must Enter The Tiger’s Lair 不入虎穴,焉得虎子 / 不入虎穴,焉得虎子
10. Bend One’s Body to a task Until The End 鞠躬尽瘁,死而后已 / 鞠躬盡瘁,死而後已