Sing With BetterChinese CD-ROM 大家来唱歌

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  • Sing With BetterChinese CD-ROM 大家来唱歌

Sing With BetterChinese CD-ROM 大家来唱歌

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*Not compatible on MAC OS Lion or later versions. CD-ROM items that are purchased while on sale are non-returnable.


Sing with Better Chinese CD-ROM consists of 36 catchy songs, each with its own vivid animations to make it fun and exciting for children learning  Chinese. Sing with Better Chinese compliments the My First Chinese Words little book series.

Here's an example of the first animated song from Sing with Better Chinese (我爱我的家)。 Each song is subtitled in Simplified Chinese. Traditional Chinese and English subtitles are also available on each CD-ROM.

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Product Detail 

Item Code: CR000367
ISBN Code: 978-1-60603-102-5
Publisher: Better Chinese
School Grade: Preschool/Elementary
Level: Beginner
Lesson/Volume: 36

Audio: Mandarin
Text: Simplified & Traditional Chinese
Subtitles: English

Track Information:

1. I Love My Family 我爱我的家 / 我愛我的家
2. Little Spotty Dog  小花狗 / 小花狗
3. Old Mr. Wang Has A Lot 王老先生有块地 / 王老先生有塊地
4. Happy Birthday  生日快乐 / 生日快樂
5. Balloons  气球 / 氣球
6. Pulling the Turnip  拔萝卜 / 拔蘿蔔
7. Where Are My Friends? 我的朋友在哪里? / 我的朋友在哪裡?
8. Big Apple  大苹果 / 大蘋果
9. Little White Rabbit  小白兔 / 小白兔
10. Alilo  阿里罗 / 阿裡羅
11. Putting On Cloth 穿衣服 / 穿衣服
12. I Am A Little Car  我是一辆小汽车 / 我是一輛小汽車
13. Two Tigers  两只老虎 / 兩隻老虎
14. Follow Me  一起做 / 一起做
15. Wake Up  起床 / 起床
16. Mei Mei And Her Doll  妹妹背着洋娃娃 / 妹妹背著洋娃娃
17. Open The Door, Little Rabbits  小白兔乖乖 / 小白兔乖乖
18. Little Mouse On The Lamp  小老鼠上灯台 / 小老鼠上燈檯
19. Ten Animals  十个动物 / 十個動物
20. Visit Friends All Over the World  我的朋友遍世界 / 我的朋友遍世界
21. Toys, Toys, I Love You  玩具玩具我爱你 / 玩具玩具我愛你
22. Little Red Flower  小红花 / 小紅花
23. Little Crayon  小蜡笔 / 小蠟筆
24. Picking Fruits  水果歌 / 水果歌
25. If You Are Happy  如果你很快乐 / 如果你很快樂
26. Let’s Exercise  做运动 / 做運動
27. The Moon Walks, I Walk  月亮走,我也走 / 月亮走,我也走
28. Looking Into the Mirror  照镜子 / 照鏡子
29. Row Your Boat  摇小船 / 搖小船
30. Balloons Looking For Friends  气球找朋友 / 氣球找朋友
31. When We Are Together  当我们同在一起 / 當我們同在一起
32. Little Monkey  小猴子 / 小猴子
33. Long and Short  长短歌 / 長短歌
34. The Rain Song  下雨歌 / 下雨歌
35. Little Boat  小小的船 / 小小的船
36. The Outing Song  郊游歌 / 郊遊歌
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