Chinese Idioms (Volume 1) CD-ROM

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This CD-ROM features stories behind 8 popular Chinese idioms and their usage. It enhances cultural fluency and make language acquisition more fun and interesting! Beginner and advanced versions of each story are available for students of different levels to be adaptable for learners of all ages! 

Here's an example of the story "Looking at the Sky from the Bottom of a Well 坐井观天/ 坐井觀天" from the Chinese Idioms series. Each story is subtitled in Simplified/Traditional Chinese and English.

Tracks Information: 
 1. Contradicting Oneself 自相矛盾/ 自相矛盾
 2. Calling a Stag a Horse 指鹿为马/ 指鹿為馬
 3. Playing the String to an Ox 对牛弹琴/ 對牛彈琴
 4. Looking at the Sky from the Bottom of a Well 坐井观天/ 坐井觀天
 5. Borrowing on the Tiger's Fierceness 狐假虎威/ 狐假虎威
 6. Serves You Right 自作自受/ 自作自受
 7. The old Horse Knows the Way 老马识途/ 老馬識途
 8. Drawing a Cake to satisfy Hunger 画饼充饥/ 畫餅充饑