Power and Magic in Tales from China CD-ROM

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Telling Stories: Power and Magic in Ancient China is filled with stories of power and magic, and features 12 traditional Chinese tales. Children can practice their Chinese and learn about the culture while enjoying animated stories of wonder and adventure!

Here's an example of the first animated story in the Power and Magic CD_ROM series. Each story is subtitled in Simplified Chinese. The option of switching to Traditional Chinese subtitles or adding in English is also available on each CD-ROM.

Track Information:
1. The Story of Creation 开天辟地/ 開天辟地
2. Nu Wa Created the Human Being 女娲造人/ 女媧造人
3. Emperor Yan, the God of Farmers 炎帝神农 / 炎帝神農
4. The Rise of Huang Di 黄帝的崛起 / 黃帝的崛起
5. The God of War, Chi you and The Compass 战神蚩尤和指南针 / 戰神蚩尤和指南針
6. The Drought Spirit Ba 旱神魃/ 旱神魃
7. The Goddess of The Nine Heavens 九天玄女/ 九天玄女
8. The Emperor Huang Di Ruled the World 黄帝主宰世界 / 黃帝主宰世界
9. The Succession of Emeror Zhuangxu 帝颛顼继位/ 帝顓頊繼位
10. Quafoo Chases the Sun 夸父追日 / 夸父追日
11. Ten Suns 十个太阳 / 十個太陽
12. Maliang and The Magic brush 神笔马良/ 神筆馬良