Magical Tour of China CD-ROM

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The Magical Tour of China series includes accompanying CD-ROM's to guide the students with visual animations. These 36 animated stories follow three families as they travel to China, practicing their Chinese and learning about the culture. Six children growing up overseas visit Beijing for the first time, learning about festivals, cultural similarities and differences and Chinese etiquette and customs. Animated lessons and soundtrack enhance comprehension and language acquisition.

Text: Simplified Chinese Characters
PLEASE NOTE: This product can only be run on PC and MAC OS 10.6 Snow Leopard

Volume 1 Chapters:
1. We Are Going To China 我们要去中国
2. The Group Gathers 集合
3. Cola Is Kele Cola就是可乐
4. Beijing Has So Many Cars 北京的车真多
5. Meeting Grandpa and Grandma 见到爷爷奶奶
6. Shuijiao or Shuijiao 水饺还是睡觉?
7. Paternal Auntie or Maternal Auntie 姑妈还是姨妈?
8. Nali, Nali 哪里,哪里
9. Having Beijing Duck 吃北京烤鸭

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