Learning to Get Along Series (15 Books) - Simplified Chinese

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With over 1.5 million copies in print, the Learning to Get Along series has been loved by educators and parents everywhere. The series covers 15 topics to help build children's social skills.

Be Polite and Kind - 礼貌和友善
Listen and Learn - 倾听和学习
Understand and Care - 理解和关爱他人
Share and Take Turns - 学会分享
Reach Out and Give -- 帮助和给予
Try and Stick with it - 尝试和坚持
Be Honest and Tell the Truth - 诚实和坦率
Join in and Play - 加入和一起玩耍
Respect and Take Care of Things - 爱护和管理物品
Talk and Work it Out - 沟通和解决问题
Cool Down and Worked Through Anger - 冷静和平息怒气
Know and Follow Rules - 懂得和遵守规则
Be Careful and Stay Safe - 注意安全
When I Feel Afraid - 克服恐惧
Accept and Value Each Person - 接纳和认同他人