Early Readers Series (8 books) - Simplified/Pinyin

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This set of eight books is by the famous children's language expert Professor Zhou Jing. Focusing on the cultivation of interest in reading, the children will have a good start in becoming lifelong learners.

Item Code: BK100175
Paperback: 8 books
Publisher: Jiangsu Children's Publishing House
Language: Simplified Chinese/Pinyin
Level: Intermediate
Published Date: 1/1/2007

Includes books like:
Red Ants’ holiday gift 红蚂蚁的节日礼物
How Tall is the City Gate 城门城门几丈高
Mr. Bat’s Garden 蝙蝠先生的花园
Mouse Playing Hide and Sick 在皮皮鼠家捉迷藏
Water Doll Goes Home 水娃娃回家
What Time is it? Uncle Wolf? 老狼老狼几点钟
The Mouse Family go for a Picnic 皮皮鼠一家去野餐
Bunny Skipping Rope 兔兔跳绳