Chubby King | Skinny Queen - Simplified Chinese (Audio CD included)

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Chubby King - A storybook about a king who only loved to eat and did not like to exercise. Because of his weight, he started to have health problems. Therefore, the doctor and chef started the king on a diet plan. Everyone came to help. Will the king success in losing weight?

Skinny Queen – A storybook about a queen who was always nervous, busy and tired. She even forgot to eat because she was so also busy and she couldn’t sleep at night. Therefore she was too skinny and not healthy. The queen’s family started to encourage the queen to eat a balanced diet, exercise, and maintain a good physical and mental health.

Item Code: BK100153
Hardcover: 2 Books with Audio CD
Publisher: Juvenile & Chinldern's Publishing House
Language: Simplified Chinese
Level: Intermediate 
Published Date: 10/1/2009
ISBN: 9787532471133