Discovering Chinese Pro App Companion Textbook _New Edition_Simplified

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Discovering Chinese Pro is a technology based curriculum that is accessible on any computer or tablet. 

Key Features

  • Inquiry-Based and Student Centered. Designed with students in mind, Discovering Chinese Pro’s beautifully illustrated comic-book style lesson stories reflect students’ world with regard to who they are, where they live, what they need, and what they like to do.
  • Future Ready. Rich technology for instructional delivery as well as in-class/after-class group and individual practice exercises with Chromebook, PC/Mac, and Apple iOS iPad App. Teachers have the flexibility to use textbooks and/or technology in the classroom and assign group or individual after-class practice activities. Powerful assessment tools allow teachers to customize assessments for individual students.
  • Multidimensional Engagement. Students can explore, practice, and relearn with ease. At any given time, students can navigate from the current lesson to previously learned vocabulary with a simple touch gesture on the iPad. This feature allows for differentiated learning by letting students focus on the skills they want to work on, such as writing, speaking, pinyin tones, etc. with immediate feedback.
  • Standards-Aligned. Lessons are themed-based; the program reflects National Standards 5Cs as well as three modes of communications. This program prepares students up to intermediate-low proficiency.

These companion textbooks provide teachers with the maximum flexibility for their learning environment. The textbook can be used as a reference guide during the practice exercises to avoid having to flip between various screens. If students show-up to class with uncharged devices, these textbooks can act as a substitute.

The Discovering Chinese Pro companion textbooks contains the lesson illustrations, text, and vocabulary from Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3 and Volume 4.

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Item Code: BK001044
ISBN Code: 978-1-68194-010-6
Publisher: Better Chinese
School Grade: Middle/High
Level: Beginner
Number of Volume: 1 of 4
Lesson/Volume: 12

Volume 1 Chapters

1. Hello! 你好!
2. What is Your Name? 你叫什么名字?
3. How Old are You? 你多大?
4. What is Your Nationality? 你是哪国人?
5. I Go To Dahua High School 我去大华高中
6. How Many People Are There in Your Family? 你家有几个人?
7. Where Do You Live? 你住在哪儿?
8. What Day of the Week is Today? 今天是星期几?
9. What is inside the Classroom? 教室里有什么?
10. What Do You Like To Eat? 你喜欢吃什么
11. I am Hungry! 我饿了!
12. Eating Chinese Food 吃中餐

Item Code: BK001045
ISBN Code: 978-1-68194-011-3
Publisher: Better Chinese
School Grade: Middle/High
Level: Beginner
Number of Volume: 2 of 4
Lesson/Volume: 12

Volume 2 Chapters

13. Colors 什么颜色
14. Clothing 穿什么衣服
15. Friends 我的朋友
16. Sports 运动
17. Cute Pets 可爱的宠物
18. Which Languages Can You Speak? 你会说什么语言?
19. Shopping 买东西
20. My Day 我的一天
21. What are They Doing? 他们在做什麽?
22. Today's Weather 今天的天气
23. Asking Direction 怎么走?
24. Trip to China 去中国

Item Code: BK001046
ISBN Code: 978-1-68194-012-0
Publisher: Better Chinese
School Grade: Middle/High
Level: Beginner
Number of Volume: 3 of 4
Lesson/Volume: 12

Volume 3 Chapters

25. School Begins 开学了
26. Class Schedule 课程表
27. Chinese Class 上中文课
28. Professions 职业
29. Hobbies 爱好
30. A Sports Meet 运动会
31. My Room 我的房间
32. Visiting Campus 校园
33. The Community 社区
34. An Invitation 邀请
35. Watching a Movie 看电影
36. At the Restaurant 在饭馆


Item Code: BK001047
ISBN Code: 978-1-68194-013-7
Publisher: Better Chinese
School Grade: Middle/High
Level: Beginner
Number of Volume: 4 of 4
Lesson/Volume: 12

Volume 4 Chapters

37. Science Exhibition 科技展
38. Shopping Online 网路购物
39. Grandpa's Birthday 爷爷的生日
40. Chinese Festivals 中国的节日
41. Nature 自然
42. Environmental Protection 环保
43. Getting Sick 生病
44. Diet and Health 饮食健康
45. Watching Performance 看演出
46. Getting to Know China 认识中国
47. Summer Vacation 暑假
48. Travel Plan 旅游计划