Pinyin Program Teacher's Guide

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Hanyu Pinyin is a comprehensive Pinyin program with 31 lessons, teaching the pronunciation and usage of 21 initials consonants and 24 simple/compound vowels used in Chinese. Each lesson consists of a rhyme featuring one or more consonant/vowel, in-class exercises, game instructions and after-class exercises. Students are provided with ample opportunities to listen, speak, read and write Pinyin, and to enhance their Pinyin knowledge through games.

Hanyu Pinyin Teacher’s Guide also includes answer keys to exercises and other useful reference such as Pinyin rules and conventions, instructional tips, and Chinese adapted CCSS Pinyin standard. The Pinyin standard breaks the Pinyin proficiency into 3 levels, and presents descriptive statements for each level.

Refer to Hanyu Pinyin Student Workbook for student’s component.