Stories of Chinese Idioms-Abt Ability-Beg./Int. - Simplified

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Through stories, the interesting origin and meaning of eight commonly used Chinese idioms are illustrated in this reader. It is a fun way to learn and explore Chinese language, culture and history.

Paperback, 60 pages
Text: Simplified Chinese with English

Tracks Information:
1. Self-contradictory 自相矛盾
2. Nick the boat to seek the sword  刻舟求剑
3. Helping shoots grow by pulling them upward 拔苗助长
4. Have a well-thought-out plan 胸有成竹
5. Draw cake to allay hunger 画饼充饥
6. Constant dripping wears the stone 水滴石穿
7. Cast brick to attract jade 抛砖引玉
8. Show off one’s skill before an expert 班门弄斧

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ISBN Code: 978-1-60603-294-7
Publisher: Better Chinese
School Grade: All
Level: Beginner/Intermediate