My First Chinese Reader Assessment Pack

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My First Chinese Reader’s new paper-based summative assessments are designed to gauge students' comprehension and retention of lesson objectives while addressing central questions and teaching objectives in the lessons. Assessments test students’ listening comprehension, reading comprehension, and writing skills using a variety of question types such as multiple choice, fill-ins, sentence correction, translation, sentence unscrambling and more. There is also an optional oral component. You can adapt these suggested assessment questions and form your own assessments or deliver them directly to students. 

The assessment pack contains 4 Unit Tests that take approximately 40-50 minutes to complete. Each unit test covers material from three lessons at a time. A midterm and final exam are also included that take approximately an hour each to complete. 

The assessment pack includes:
- 4 Unit Tests
- 1 Midterm Exam
- 1 Final Exam 


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