I Love Chinese 12 Storybooks Big Book Edition

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I Love Chinese Big Books is a set of 12 large format books for the I Love Chinese (12 storybooks) series. These big paperback books are 12" x 12", perfect for classroom and at-home learning aides. The larger fonts enables children and students to follow narration and practice character-recognition. Students who love the I Love Chinese 12 Student Books with Audio CD will be delighted to flip through these big books right away! 

  • Chapters:
  • 1. Greeting你好
  • 2. What Shape Is This? 这是什么形状?
  • 3. What Do You Want To Be? 你想做什么?
  • 4. Where Are You Going? 你去哪里?
  • 5. Four Seasons一年四季
  • 6. It's So Delicious! 真好吃

  • 7. Animals动物
  • 8. The Insect Flew Away虫虫飞
  • 9. What's In The Ocean? 大海里有什么?
  • 10. Let's Play Ball Together 我们一起打球
  • 11. I Like Making Friends我喜欢交朋友
  • 12. I Am Great! 我好棒

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