Magical Tour of China Textbook - Simplified

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The Magical Tour of China series follows 3 American families who visit Beijing for the first time during Spring Break. They learn about festivals, cultural similarities and differences and Chinese etiquette and customs during their visit. The series features 36 lessons of language learning in four textbooks, CD-ROMs and Workbooks - a great way for students to gain advanced knowledge of the Chinese language and culture through materials that remain relevant to their own experiences. The Magical Tour of China series uses the Better Chinese method of Learning Through Stories to make practicing Chinese fun for kids and provide immersion in the language while remaining entertaining to watch. 

The series includes: Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3 and Volume 4.

Volume 1 Chapters:
1. We Are Going To China  我们要去中国
2. The Group Gathers  集合
3. Cola Is Kele Cola  就是可乐
4. Beijing Has So Many Cars  北京的车真多
5. Meeting Grandpa and Grandma  见到爷爷奶奶
6. Shuijiao or Shuijiao  水饺还是睡觉?
7. Paternal Auntie or Maternal Auntie  姑妈还是姨妈?
8. Nali, Nali  哪里,哪里
9. Having Beijing Duck  吃北京烤鸭

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