Better Immersion Starter Kit

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Better Immersion Readers is a series of storybooks for young learners aged 4-7 with no prior exposure to Chinese. This series of 68 developmentally appropriate storybooks is designed with the vision to build learners’ day-to-day Chinese language communication skills from scratch, as well as to prepare them for future academic learning. As children learn best when the content is relevant and fun, the topics and storylines reflect their daily experiences, as well as the surroundings that they live in.

The standards-aligned series is informed by multiple national standards, including Common Core State Standards, Next Generation Science Standards and National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies.

It highlights a predictable narrative structure and scaffolding strategies for vocabulary and sentence pattern building, which give children the opportunity to quickly comprehend and apply what they learn to real-life situations. It also exposes children to basic concepts and subject-specific vocabularies for mathematics, science, social studies and cultures, which connect with the topics they learn in school.

Each storybook is paired with fun and vivid illustrations and audio to assist comprehension and language application.

Click to view Types of Animals, a reader from the scope World.


Kit/Package Code: SP001662

This Better Immersion Homeschooler's Starter Kit includes:
1 Smart Reading Pen
1 set of Better Immersion Kindergarten Readers_Self (20 readers)
1 set of Better Immersion Kindergarten Readers_Relationships (16 readers)
1 set of Better Immersion Kindergarten Readers_Community (16 readers)
1 set of Better Immersion Kindergarten Readers_World (16 readers)
Sing With Better Chinese 36 songs ( audios built in reading pen)