Discovering Chinese Pro Group License (10 accounts)

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Discovering Chinese PRO Group License - 10 student accounts

Each license contains 10 student accounts. - Contact us if you need more accounts

Each account contains:
One year subscription to all 4 volumes of Discovering Chinese Pro
Admin console function and print function

The Discovering Chinese Pro combines both textbook and workbook onto a single application that is accessible on iPad/PC/Chrome book and any web enabled devices. The AP aligned themes across the 4 volume help to build up students' Mandarin skills.

Each lesson is comprised of the following sections:

  • 1. Lesson - Introduces what the student will learn and the lesson material in 3 different formats to cater to different learning styles (animation, illustration, and plain text)
  • 2. Language Notes - Teaches the lesson's vocabulary, 3-5 grammar points, and a few tips to better understand the language
  • 3. Cultural Points - Provides students with a taste of the cultural background to the language. Since Chinese idioms are an important part of Chinese culture, each lesson also includes one relevant idiom.
  • 4. Practice - Includes 7 sections (pinyin, Chinese character writing, listening, reading, writing, speaking, and a group activity) with lots of exercises to help students build their language skills. There's a built-in auto-correct function to encourage self-learning.
  • 5. Homework - More exercises focused on building reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.
  • 6. I Can Do Statements - Offers students a chance to create a record of what they've learned at the end of each lesson.
To set-up a license for your school, please contact us at

Note: Minimum of 20 students required to qualify for a school account, orders for less than 20 accounts will not be processed. Group accounts run on an standard academic year schedule and expire every August 31st regardless of purchase date.