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The Discovering Chinese Pro iPad/Web application operates as a combined textbook and workbook, complete with stimulating visuals, audio recordings, interactive tools, and practice exercises. The Pro edition is an upgraded and enhanced version of the original Discovering Chinese - iPad edition release. Discovering Chinese Pro consists of 48 lessons divided across 4 volumes (Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3 and Volume 4).

Each lesson is comprised of the following sections:
  • 1. Lesson - Introduces what the student will learn and the lesson material in 3 different formats to cater to different learning styles (animation, illustration, and plain text)
  • 2. Language Notes - Teaches the lesson's vocabulary, 3-5 grammar points, and a few tips to better understand the language
  • 3. Cultural Points - Provides students with a taste of the cultural background to the language. Since Chinese idioms are an important part of Chinese culture, each lesson also includes one relevant idiom.
  • 4. Practice - Includes 7 sections (pinyin, Chinese character writing, listening, reading, writing, speaking, and a group activity) with lots of exercises to help students build their language skills. There's a built-in auto-correct function to encourage self-learning.
  • 5. Homework - More exercises focused on building reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.
  • 6. I Can Do Statements - Offers students a chance to create a record of what they've learned at the end of each lesson.
Download Discovering Chinese Pro from the iPad App Store and try the first lesson for free. Register for a Better Chinese account and get free access to all the lessons for two-weeks.

Greetings & Introductions
Lesson 1: Hello! 你好!(FREE LESSON)
Lesson 2: What is your name? 你叫什么名字?
Lesson 3: How old are you? 你多大?

About Me
Lesson 4: What is your nationality? 你是哪国人?
Lesson 5: I attend DaHua High School我去大华高中
Lesson 6: How many people are there in your family? 你家有几个人?

Lesson 7: Where do you live?你住在哪儿?
Lesson 8: What day of the week is it?今天星期几?
Lesson 9: What is in the classroom?教室里有什么?

Lesson 10: What do you like to eat?你喜欢吃什么?
Lesson 11: I am hungry!我饿了!
Lesson 12: Eating Chinese food.吃中餐

Additional Discovering Chinese Pro school account features: Administrative Module | Selected Content in PDF format
The iPad/Web curriculum is available in both simplified and traditional Chinese.