James Lin, CEO  and Co-Founder
James Lin is the Chief Executive Officer and a founding member of Better Chinese.  He has worked with educators in over 25 countries to develop successful Chinese programs.  Mr. Lin graduated from Brown University with honors for both his bachelor and master's degrees.  He has more than 15 years of experience in technology, education, and strategy consulting.  Prior to Better Chinese, he was a founding member of L Labs and a senior management consultant at Monitor Group.  He is passionate about making learning fun, effective, and relevant by combining results-oriented pedagogy with technology.

Chi-kuo Shen, President and Co-Founder
Chi-kuo Shen is Chairman and co-founder of Better Chinese. Ever since becoming a teaching assistant of Chinese in his freshman year at Penn State some 40 years ago, Mr. Shen has been involved in cross-cultural communication. He worked at the United Nations for over 23 years, dedicating himself to strengthening international understanding. In 1998, he joined his wife’s endeavor in making Chinese more accessible to non-native speakers.

Li-hsiang Yu, President and Co-Founder
Li-hsiang Yu is Co-Founder and President of Better Chinese. As an interpreter and translator, Ms. Yu worked for the United Nations for 20 years. She has always been a passionate educator with a MA from Teachers’ College of Columbia University, and a devoted mother of four daughters. In 1997, she created Better Chinese with a special dedication to serving young learners of language and culture.

Pepe Amian, Head of European Operations
Pepe Amian is responsible for Better Chinese European operations. He has grown the biggest Chinese school in Spain and developed a one year Chinese teacher training programme in cooperation with Comillas University. He has built a series of apps to teach Chinese to children. Mr. Amian graduated from ICADE in Madrid, with a double major in Law & Business Administration. Prior to Better Chinese, he managed the European IT Center for Adecco, servicing over 20 countries.