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My First Chinese Words series is for toddler and preschool learners with no prior exposure to Chinese. This set of 36 size-appropriate storybooks is designed with the idea that young children learn best when the information given is relevant to their everyday lives, which makes learning fun and exciting.

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My First Chinese Words series is for the beginning young learner with no prior exposure to Chinese.
My First Chinese Words is a flexible series that accommodates to the student’s learning environment. The 36 story books can be used in various orders according to the educators’ and parents’ lesson plans.
For daily lessons/sessions:
Educators and parents are recommended to teach 1 story book per school week. The series is appropriate for 1 academic year (approximately 32 weeks).
For fewer than 2 weekly sessions:
In learning environments in which students have 2 or less sessions per week, teachers are recommended to complete 1 story book in 2-3 weeks with additional cultural activities and learning. This series is recommended for 1 to 2+ academic years depending on learning objectives and goals.

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