Discovering Chinese Pro Group License _ SCHOOL USERS ONLY

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  • Discovering Chinese Pro Group License _ SCHOOL USERS ONLY

Discovering Chinese Pro Group License _ SCHOOL USERS ONLY

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Discovering Chinese PRO Group License : 2024-2025 Academic Year

Be sure you pick the correct school name. If you can't find your school's name in the list, please contact your teacher. 

An authorization code will be sent to you after we receive your order.

Each account contains:
- One year subscription to all 4 volumes of Discovering Chinese Pro
- Admin console function
- Interactive Assessment

The Discovering Chinese Pro combines both textbook and workbook onto a single application that is accessible on iPad/PC/Chrome book and any web enabled devices. The AP aligned themes across the 4 volume help to build up students' Mandarin skills.

Each lesson is comprised of the following sections:

  • 1. Lesson - Introduces what the student will learn and the lesson material in 3 different formats to cater to different learning styles (animation, illustration, and plain text)
  • 2. Language Notes - Teaches the lesson's vocabulary, 3-5 grammar points, and a few tips to better understand the language
  • 3. Cultural Points - Provides students with a taste of the cultural background to the language. Since Chinese idioms are an important part of Chinese culture, each lesson also includes one relevant idiom.
  • 4. Practice - Includes 7 sections (pinyin, Chinese character writing, listening, reading, writing, speaking, and a group activity) with lots of exercises to help students build their language skills. There's a built-in auto-correct function to encourage self-learning.
  • 5. Homework - More exercises focused on building reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.
  • 6. I Can Do Statements - Offers students a chance to create a record of what they've learned at the end of each lesson.


Product Detail 

Item Codes: AP000789
Publisher: Better Chinese
School Level: Middle and High 
Level: Intermediate
Lesson/Volume: 48/4

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