Online Stories: Chinese Festivals

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  • Online Stories: Chinese Festivals

Online Stories: Chinese Festivals

$3.25 $9.99
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Chinese Festivals features 16 bilingual animated stories and a complimentary additional children's song that a great way to learn about the stories and traditions behind the five biggest Chinese festivals while practicing Chinese.ξ

Here's an example of one of the stories in the series - Spring Festival - Spring Scolls (_֫??î¥_Šsample of the story in simplified Chinese with English subtitles. Traditional Chinese is also available.

The stories includes in the Festivals series are:
  • 1. Chinese Lunar Calendar _Ÿ_Î__?_‹ÎÊìÎ_Ê / _Ÿ_Î속_‹?____‡
  • 2. La Ba Porridge ?ƒ_΃‚?_«/ ?ˆÖ?‚?_«
  • 3. Seeing Off the Kitchen God _?_?_†?š‡/ _?_?_†?š_
  • 4. The Custom of sweeping the Dust _Š‚ÎÁ֍_‹__æ_˄/ __€Î??_‹?ËÍ_˄
  • 5. Spring Scrolls _„«__֫??î/ __ó?«__֫??¿
  • 6. Happiness has Arrived Îó?ÇǍ_?Î_„/ Îó?__?_?Î_„
  • 7. The Story of Nian Î_Ǎ_‹_?«Î_Ê/ Î_Ǎ_‹__Ê__‡
  • 8. New Year's Greetings _†ìÎ_Ç/ _†ìÎ_Ç
  • 9. Spring Festival- Food _֫?_‰_«¬_£ô/ _֫?¿ó_£__£ô
  • 10. Lantern Festival ΃€άµ?_‰?µ???¿/ ΃€άµ?¿ó?__?ˆš
  • 11. The Story of Dragon Boat Festival ?‚¿΍š?_‰?_‹_´ƒ__†/ ?‚¿΍š?¿ó?_‹_´ƒ__†
  • 12. Niulang and Zhinue ?Š__€_ÎÍë?éˆΫ_/ ?Š__€_ÎÍë?_îΫ_
  • 13. The Mid-Autumn Festival _Ÿ_?_†?_‰/ _Ÿ_?_†?¿ó
  • 14. Customs Under the Moon _ìš_Ÿ†__æ_˄/ _ìš_Ÿ†?ËÍ_˄
  • 15. The Story of Mid-Autumn _Ÿ_?_†_´ƒ__†/ _Ÿ_?_†_´ƒ__†
  • 16. The Legend of the Moon _ìš__¬?_‹__揿Ç/ _ìš__¬?_‹Ή_?ÈÈ
  • 17. Children's Song: Best Wishes ΋Ë__ë¥___?_Î_ì__æ/ ΃Í__ë¥___?_Î_ì__æ

These stories are also available on the >Chinese Festivals CD-ROM<. buy it and watch them forever.>
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