My First Chinese Reader iBook, Volume 1 - Simplified

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  • My First Chinese Reader iBook, Volume 1 - Simplified

My First Chinese Reader iBook, Volume 1 - Simplified

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USA Version: My First Chinese Reader Volume 1 iBook
International Version: My First Chinese Reader Volume 1 iBook 

Looking to jump start Chinese learning for young students? My First Chinese Reader 快乐儿童华语 is a proven Chinese as a Foreign Language (CFL) textbook series designed to introduce students to Chinese. 

The vivid My First Chinese Reader series engages young Chinese language students and allows individuals to learn at their own pace. This innovative curriculum is full of exciting illustrations, audio recordings, interactive tools, and practice exercises that encourage students to develop both practical communication skills and an understanding of Chinese culture. Beneath the fun and dynamic framework is a rigorous, standards-based curriculum that delivers strong learning results. 

Named the best CFL resource by over 1,000 experts, the series has also been adopted by multiple states across the United States. Now available as an eBook! This platform incorporates additional video, audio, and activities. Learn interactively, everywhere. 

Target Language: Mandarin - Simplified Chinese 
Instructional Language: English 

*** Traditional Chinese version coming soon!*** 

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Item Code: AP000742
ISBN Code: 978-1-60603-538-2
School Grade: Elementary
Level: Beginner

  • My First Chinese Reader, Volume 1
  • 1. Hello! 你好!
  • 2. What Is Your Name? 你叫什么名字?
  • 3. How Old Are You? 你几岁?
  • 4. What Is Your Nationality? 你是哪国人?
  • 5. I Go To Dahua Elementary School. 我上大华小学
  • 6. I Love My Family. 我爱我的家
  • 7. Where Do You Live? 你住在哪里?
  • 8. What Is Today's Date? 今天是几月几号?
  • 9. What Day Is It Today? 今天是星期几?
  • 10. What Is In The Backpack? 背包里有什么?
  • 11. I Like Fruits. 我喜欢水果
  • 12. What Do You Want To Eat? 你想要吃什么
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