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The My First Chinese Reader series is the finest curriculum available for Elementary School students to learn Chinese. Specially designed for children living in non-Chinese speaking communities, these books feature a spiral-up lesson structure that builds upon and applies previous material, so children can learn Chinese naturally--the way they would in a native environment.

Vividly illustrated with a comprehensive selection of sentence patterns, easy-to-read Chinese characters, Pinyin, and colorful pictures, this book introduces young readers to basic Chinese sentences in a daily living environment. Each lesson features sections on vocabulary, exercises, character practice and a reading challenge, along with English translations for each vocabulary word and sentence.

Click here to download a sampler of the first 3 lessons in this series. The My First Chinese Reader sampler includes the scope and sequence for the entire 4-volume series, the textbook, workbook, worksheets, and teacher’s guide materials for the first 3 lessons in My First Chinese Reader Volume 1.  

Volume 1 Chapters:
1. Hello!
2. What Is Your Name?
3. How Old Are You?
4. What Is Your Nationality?
5. I Go To Dahua Elementary School
6. I Love My Family
7. Where Do You Live?
8. What Date Is Today?
9. What Day Is It Today?
10. What Is in The Backpack?
11. I Like Fruits?
12. What Do You Want To Eat?

My First Chinese Reader Series:
Material for teaching and additional exercises:
For homeschooling use: My First Chinese Reader Starter Kit