China in Depth 焦点中国

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  • China in Depth 焦点中国

China in Depth 焦点中国

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China in Depth: An Integrated Course in Advanced Chinese 焦点中国 is an advanced-level textbook designed for students who are interested in using Chinese to conduct research about contemporary China. This textbook is compiled with reference to the principles of Content-Based Instruction and ACTFL Foreign Language Proficiency Guidelines for "advanced" and "superior" levels. It strives to reflect a wide range of topics related to the rapid development of contemporary China.

The topics in this book are divided into four areas: social studies, economics, international relations and important people. The book aims to develop students' language skills with special emphasis on training in critical thinking and discourse proficiency. This book has a companion web site where students can view related videos, and download language exercises and supplementary reading materials. 

《焦点中国:高级汉语综合教程》是为适应日益重视当代中国研究的中文教学新趋势,参照主题式内容导向教学法的基本原则和ACTFL外语水平测试的“高级”“优级”标准,精心编撰的一本创新型高级中文综合教程,力图多方面反映当代中国社会。全书由社会篇、经济篇、国际关系篇、人物篇四个板块组成,集听、 说、读、写的技能训练与广义的“中国研究”内容于一体,尤其侧重论辩性思维和语篇能力的训练。本书配有专门的教学网站,供学习者观看相关视频、下载练习和补充阅读材料。


Product Details

Item Code: BK001650
ISBN Code: 978-1-68194-009-0
Editors: Jianhua Bai (白建华) , Yang Wang (汪洋)
Publisher: Better Chinese
School Grade: College
Level: Advanced - Superior



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