ONLINE: Magical Tour of China +Story Library (奇妙中国游)

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  • ONLINE: Magical Tour of China +Story Library (奇妙中国游)

ONLINE: Magical Tour of China +Story Library (奇妙中国游)

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Magical Tour of China series is designed for intermediate to advanced level young adults. The online curriculum corresponds to its textbook counterpart. With 36 animated lessons in standard spoken Mandarin that correspond to the 36 lessons in the textbooks, the online lessons also include additional level-appropriate stories/videos to build students' literacy skills.

Magical Tour of China:
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Material for teaching and additional exercises:
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For homeschooling use: Magical Tour of China Student Pack
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Item Code: WB000101-103
Publisher: Better Chinese
School Grade: High School
Level: Advanced
Number of Volumes: 4
Lesson/Volume: 9

Volume 1 Chapters:
1. We Are Going To China  我们要去中国
2. The Group Gathers  集合
3. Cola Is Kele Cola  就是可乐
4. Beijing Has So Many Cars  北京的车真多
5. Meeting Grandpa and Grandma  见到爷爷奶奶
6. Shuijiao or Shuijiao  水饺还是睡觉?
7. Paternal Auntie or Maternal Auntie  姑妈还是姨妈?
8. Nali, Nali  哪里,哪里
9. Having Beijing Duck  吃北京烤鸭

Volume 2 Chapters:
10. Visiting the Palace Museum (1) 游故宫 (上)
11. Visiting the Palace Museum (2) 游故宫 (下)
12. Climbing the Great Wall 爬长城
13. Visiting the Wang's Home 去小龙的爷爷家做客
14. No Colored Eggs on Easter (1) 没有彩蛋的复活节(上)
15. No Colored Eggs on Easter (2) 没有彩蛋的复活节(下)
16. Magic Chinese Characters (1) 汉字真奇妙(上)
17. Magic Chinese Characters (2) 汉字真奇妙(中)
18. Magic Chinese Characters (3) 汉字真奇妙(下)

Volume 3 Chapters:

19. Is He Speaking Chinese? 他在说中文吗?
20. Ruby's New Doll Ruby 的新娃娃
21. Shopping in Silk Alley 逛秀水街
22. Beijing's Spaghetti: Fried Sauce Noodles 中国的 spaghetti:北京炸酱面
23. We're Going to See Peking Opera (1) 我们一起去听京剧(上)
24. We're Going to See Peking Opera (2) 我们一起去听京剧(下)
25. Chinese Rap 中国的Rap
26. Basketball Match 篮球赛
27. Chinese Names and English Names 中文名与英文名

 Volume 4 Chapters:
28. Making Dumplings 包饺子
29. Shuttlecock 踼毽子,做毽子
30. Xialong is Sick 小龙生病了
31. Meeting a New Friend 遇到新朋友
32. Different Types of Chinese Kung Fu 不一样的中国功夫
33. At the Teahouse 在茶馆
34. Beijing's Si He Compound Houses 四合院
35. Visit to Hou Hai 游后海
36. Goodbye, China 再见,中国


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