Weekly Summer Deals #4 - The Three Kingdoms: Bilingual Edition

The Three Kingdoms has been a popular historical novel in China for centuries. It is a great classic that tells the story of the rise and fall of the Kingdoms Wei, Shu, and Wu during the turbulent years of the Han Dynasty. Many of these events and battles were romanticized into clever and exciting stories that are full of epic battles and conflicts between characters. Better Chinese’s Three Kingdoms is a 2-book bilingual reader that is divided into short stories based on events and battles. Each story includes an English translation accompanied with a vocabulary list and discussion questions. The books also include additional historical references and authentic cultural photographs such as paintings and ancient artifacts. In this retelling of the story, Better Chinese makes it accessible for young students to develop higher language proficiency and also learn about the significance of how this period shaped China's history. To learn more, check our video that highlights one of the many suspenseful stories - a brilliant battle plan to collect 100,000 arrows in 3 days, devised by the famous military strategist, Zhu Ge Liang.


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