Weekly Summer Deals #3 - Paper Horse

While a story of a child missing his parents is a common theme among children storybooks, this story has special meaning in modern day China with the millions of migrant workers that leave their children behind in the care of grandparents in the country while they see work in large urban centers. Paper Horse is one of five English hardcover storybooks in Better Chinese's collection of cultural stories for children. It tells the story of a child yearning for his parents to return home. Hoping to comfort him, the grandmother cuts a red paper horse to keep him company. One adventurous night, the paper horse comes to life and takes the child on a wondrous journey.  To learn more, watch our latest video that includes an excerpt from the story. "A gorgeous book for a globalized world. . . Even those too little to understand the difference between the East and west, rich and poor, will recognize an enthralling story when they see it." - Kirkus Discoveries Review


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