UFLA Conference 2010 - Utah Foreign Language Association Conference

Hi Everyone, Howdy! Hope everything is on track and things are well in school. We are in the midst of preparing for the up coming conferences. Of course, the ACTFL conference in Boston, and also the UFLA conference. If you are a teacher in Utah, we look forward to seeing you there. You will have a chance to talk to our beloved colleague, David. You will also have a chance to see him demonstrate some new features on our Online Learning System, such as composition - now the teachers can administer Composition tasks to students. Students can type/write the assignments - on both PC & Mac - and submit them electronically to teachers. We are very excited about the new features and we hope you will have a chance to experience them. For the Utah conference information, please go to http://organizations.weber.edu/ufla. We look forward to seeing you and talking with you in the up coming months. Happy teaching! -James


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