Teaching Chinese with SMART boards

[caption id="attachment_1618" align="aligncenter" width="533"]Better Chinese on the SMART board Leung 老饰 using the SMART board with the Better Chinese Online Learning System. Credit: CCS[/caption] Hilda Leung, a teacher at Brentwood School has been using the Discovering Chinese series with her middle school students. She was recently featured in the SMART board monthly newsletter. There are lots of great ideas about how to use the SMART board in a Chinese language learning class, so if you have one, you might want to take a look.
This month we are excited to introduce our readers to Hilda Leung of Brentwood School in Los Angeles, California. Hilda teaches Beginning Chinese Mandarin to 7th and 8th graders. Being in Hilda's classroom does not feel like being in a traditional classroom. Her room is filled with energy, fun, and an enormous amount of interactivity. Students are on their feet and eager to participate in the games and activities that Hilda creates and displays on her SMART Board. (from the SMART board newsletter)
To read the entire article, please click here. If you have any other ideas on how to teach Chinese with a SMART board, feel free to share in the comment section below or on our Facebook page.


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